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How's It Supposed To Feel

Released: 2023 Genres: Dance

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Never break
Always fight
Never quit
Do it right
Play the game
Win at life
Have no shame
There’s no time
Feel the pain
Live the grind
I can change
In my mind
Pick a lane
Commit and climb
The only way
To win at life
I never miss that’s fact
Taking big swings bitch hand me the bat
Put me in the ring you'll go out in a bag
Cuz I sing what I mean and I bring it to the mat
Ain’t got time to kill I got time to fill
I took the red pill
I know life's short so I wanna live real
How’s it supposed to feel? (4x)

They wanna say my name but they holding back
They wanna say they hate but they know it’s cap
I aint play no games I just do that’s fact
And i don’t feel no shame it’s a mood you lack
I go crazy
Nah bitch I ain’t lazy
Track after track I work on this shit daily
Pass me the jack, writers fuel got me hazy
Bout to unpack all these dreams I’ve been chasing
I got visions in my head
Like memories after death
To be a legend instead
Of something you can forget
I’m living up every breath
I’d rather lead than be led
I’ll fill the seats as I spread
With every word that I’ve said
How’s it supposed to feel? (4x)

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